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Small groups are bi-monthly gatherings of about 5-10 people that meet in homes, coffeeshops, restaurants, and the Fellowship Hall. They exist to provide a place where you can make friends, follow Jesus, and make a difference.


We have groups that study the Bible, some built around serving the community, while still others gather around the dinner table. Wherever you are in life and in your spiritual journey, we have a group for you.


If you have questions or doubts about faith, are new to church, are coming back to church for the first time in a while, are figuring out what you think about Jesus, or recently decided to follow Jesus,

we would encourage you to let us know.


Our Men’s Ministry is dedicated to helping men be men; not men that this world insists they be, but Godly men that Christ calls them to be. God intended men to be the spiritual leaders of their families, and we want to equip them to be just that. Being a spiritual leader does not mean dominating your family; it means serving your family by being a Godly example to your wife, children, and those around you. 



 Here, men interact with one another, learn about God, and share their struggles and triumphs in life.

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact Pastor Greg Davis at


Ladies Ministry at The Warehouse focuses on encouraging women to grow in relationship with each other, to grow in God’s Word, and to support each other through fellowship, Bible Study, and prayer.

Our prayer for our Warehouse ladies is that they develop into Christ-centered women who are compassionate, full of grace, and obedient to

all God calls them to.

Ladies small groups are one year commitments, beginning each September. 

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact Pastor Paula Campbell at

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