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Here at The Warehouse Church, we have a strong heart for missions and serving our world. While different opportunities arise regularly to support our local community, there are three ministries that the Lord has given us a heart and passion for. These three are our family. They are our extended hands and feet to other parts of the world.


Serving families of our military, of all wars and service times; we are sensitive to the challenges and unique needs when living with service connected disabilities like PTSD and TBI. We are a highly hospitable homestead perfectly framed in beautiful Williams Valley to honor American Heroes and their families. From our family to yours, come connect with loved ones and make memories to last a lifetime. Open by reservation and special request for day use.  

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Sarah will be concentrating on the North African region. There, she is creatively ministering through language acquisition, teaching English and Spanish. In doing so, she is building relationships that will allow for mentorship and teaching basic skills to help bring in financial support. This particular area deals with high levels of human trafficking and a major part of her ministry is to help young women flee the vicious cycle. 


In 1981, Foursquare Missions Press (FMP) was founded by Karl and Leona Williams. For years, the Williams saw the need for free Gospel literature during their numerous visits to the mission field. Using mostly their own finances, Karl and Leona started the Press in a small garage with a one-color press. FMP has spread the good news of Jesus Christ to 116 countries in 62 different languages. The Press works closely with Foursquare missionaries and national leaders all around the world. 

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