Missions We Support

Here at The Warehouse, we believe that the nations of the world will not hear about Christ if we don't tell them. We support, with our prayers and dollars, not only several organizations, but also many individuals who have made it their life’s work to share the word of God. 


Foursquare Missions International The Foursquare Church supports missionaries all over the world, and we support them in that work. Our monthly contributions help spread the gospel to people in diverse situations all around the globe. See their website for more details: foursquare.org


Foursquare Missions Press provides free literature to missionary organizations and leaders all over the world. FMP has spread the good new of Jesus Christ to 110 different countries in 52 different languages. See their website for more details: foursquaremissionspress.org   


Containers of Hope There are millions of children around the world who don't receive anything for Christmas. Containers of Hope works to remedy that situation. Each year, we have the special privilege of helping Containers of Hope fill and deliver backpacks, along with others donated locally, to children in South Central Los Angeles.  See their website for more details: containersofhope.com